This one is for local Landlords. This Landlord purchased the cheapest electric oven that he could find on eBay. There is no brand name on it, no CE markings and worst of all no spare parts available for it.

This oven lasted just over a year before going completely dead. First we replaced the fuse and 2 weeks later the heating element died and fan was making loud noises. With no spares available anywhere they decided to purchase another oven for their tenants. This time they bought a well known brand that comes with 2 years warranty and if anything goes wrong we or someone else will be able to find spare parts for it and fix it

If you are a landlord it’s your responsibility to test your electrical devices and buying something cheap is false economy as this case proves. For £100 more they could have purchased a well known brand oven which would last and that can easily be repaired. This way the money they saved originally they spent on us and more so it ended up costing them way more than it should have

Fun fact: We left the old oven outside the property whilst we were installing the new one, By the time we finished someone already stole the broken one. Gosh some areas of Reading are just like a wild west

Handyman Service: Oven Installation
Location: Central Reading